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Computing Scales/Portion Control Scale

KRS 1000RS KRS 1000RS Legal for trade price computing scale. A must for any business that sells product by the weight. Ideal for delicatessens, supermarkets, candy shops, movie theaters, coffee...

Dial Scale 22 Lbs capacity x .1oz

 DIAL SCALE - KHS 1022 22 Lbs capacity x .1oz CALL FOR PRICE The dependability of Kilotech’s traditional dial scale with the added convenience of a hook apparatus. Used in grocery...

Digital weighing & counting scale

Digital weighing & counting scale    CALL FOR PRICE   6 LBS capacity x .002lb 3 kg x 1g Digital weighing & counting scale These electronic water and dust resistant weighing and...

Ice Cream Yogurt Shop Computing Scale 6702

Ice Cream Yogurt Shop Computing Scale 15 & 30 lb Capacity model 6702Avery Berkel 6702 scale is designed to be used for linking to electronic cash registers or computers. Traditionally...

Ice Cream Yogurt Shop Computing Scale 6710

Ice Cream Yogurt Shop Computing Scale Avery Berkel 6710 and 6712 POS interface scales are for linking to electronic cash registers or POS terminals. 15lb, 30lb or 160oz capacities. Models...

Ice Cream Yogurt Shop Computing Scale 6720

Ice Cream Yogurt Shop Computing Scale Avery Berkel Model 6720 is designed for use in grocery and health food stores, cafeterias, convenience stores, candy shops, hardware stores, pet stores or...

Scale 110 lb 50 kilo Parcel Bench Reciving Shipping Scales kilot

KPS 50 & KPS 100 HEAVY-DUTY The KPS parcel/bench scales are heavy-duty, general purpose and are suitable for light industrial or shipping applications. The easy to read indicator is connected...

Scale Digital Counting Scale by Kilotech ks1000

Digital Counting ScaleKCS-1000 Series The electronic KCS-1000 scale can be used for counting & quantity checking. Ideal for use in factories and warehouses for testing and sampling, checkweighing in packaging...

Scale scales 100 lb Mechanical Bench Platform Scale Kilotech sp9

Mechanical Bench Beam ScaleSP Series CALL FOR PRICE  Legal for trade mechanical bench scale with Kilotech's built-in quality standards. Perfect for use where electronic devices may pose a "spark" threat,...


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