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Kitchen Swing Door Custom Sizes Aluminum Stainless Steel Colored with or with out windows

Kitchen Doors – Custom Sizes Aluminum Swinging Doors Pro Tuff Series Double Doors. Single Panel Door – Stainless Steel Restaurant

Pita Lafa Tortilla Pizza Oven pta36 Gas Counter Top NSF $6295

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our Pita Oven, PTA-36 is one of the most versatile flat bread ovens to hit the market. The PTA-36 can save you time and money and can be the key to expanding your restaurant’s marketability. Our Pita Oven design offers the traditional method of baking with the combination of modern technology. Our PTA-36 delivers intense heat for an all around even bake. STANDARD FEATURES: Our Pita Oven is built with a heavy duty steel frame that is suitable for a variety of products and operates with the infra-red burner technology. The baking surface is made of a heavy duty steel plate that rotates around the circumference of the oven. Each rotation holds 10 pitas per 1 minute, which is equivalent to 60 pita breads per hour. The pita ovens are available in the standard size, however, can be built in other sizes to suit custom requirements. STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS: ¾ Standard Measurements: 36” W x 30” D x 35” H ¾ Infra-red burner technology ¾ 110 Volts standard Electric (Motor) ¾ Natural Gas or Propane option (additional charge) ¾ Approximate Temperature: 800 to 900 degrees maximum ¾ 10 Pita Breads per minute = 60 Pita Breads Per Hour ¾ 80,000 BTUS