Pressure Fry electric Chicken Pressure Fryer

Purpose: Broasted Chicken & French friesMaterial: Stainless steel 304Specified voltage: ~3ph 380V/220V 50Hz-60HzSpecified power: 13.5kw/h (without oil pump)Temperature range: room~200Capacity: 24 LitresProductivity: 6-8chickens/timeCertificate: CEGross. Weight.:110kg /135kgSize of machine: 510× 1030× 1300mm Remarkable Features:   MDXZ-24 pressure fryer incorporate several...

Purpose: Broasted Chicken & French fries
Material: Stainless steel 304
Specified voltage: ~3ph 380V/220V 50Hz-60Hz
Specified power: 13.5kw/h (without oil pump)
Temperature range: room~200
Capacity: 24 Litres
Productivity: 6-8chickens/time
Certificate: CE
Gross. Weight.:110kg /135kg
Size of machine: 510× 1030× 1300mm

Remarkable Features:

  MDXZ-24 pressure fryer incorporate several beneficial design features, including rectangular fry pot, cold-zone, color-keyed locking spindle, heavy duty lid hinge, raised edge on fryer deck and more.

  Frying under pressure enables lower cooking temperatures and faster cooking times. The additional pressure also helps to seal in the food’s natural juices and reduce absorption of frying generally produce a product with less fat and more flavor than other frying methods.




  Lower frying temperature makes pressure frying uses less energy. Shortening lasts longer, too. With easy operation, more orders cooked in less time and less clean-up involved, MDXZ-24 pressure fryer gives you tremendous productivity with lower labor, shortening and energy costs.

  Proven round cooking well design-engineered for more uniform heat distribution, durability and efficiency, no cold spots or corners.

Additional Features:

Stainless steel cabinet for easy-cleaning and long life.

Heavy-duty stainless steel rectangular fry pot.

Larger 4-head capacity fry pot.

Cast aluminum alloy lid is strong but light for easy handling.

Color-keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal.

Patented lid-lock system keeps lid locked until pressure reaches 1 psi.

Raised edge on deck reduces spills.

Channel under lid helps direct condensation away from pot when lid is open.