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The Best Hand bag Clip / Hooks  Permanent Swivel Mounted Table Hook - For ALL Belongings  It incorporates all the benefits and functionalities of hand bag clip / hook products into a...
The Best Hand bag Clip / Hooks 
Permanent Swivel Mounted Table Hook - For ALL Belongings 
It incorporates all the benefits and functionalities of hand bag clip / hook products into a minimalist design. This is a safety hook for bags and suitcases adjusting inconspicuously and elegantly to any kind of environments. It is ideal for placing under the table, although it can be fixed to any horizontal surface: the cornice of a bar, the lower side of a chair arm or of a stool, etc.
All hand bag clips/hooks models are easy to clean due to their shapes and materials.
Hand Bag Clips 
The main advantage of the vision model is the possibility to advertise a brand name. This model has a space for placing a resin label to increase the visibility of the brand and of the product itself, ensuring easier access to the service offered. Therefore, even concealed under a table, it adapts in such a way that the advertising space is visible at all times. vision is intended for places where functionality and corporate image are key aspects.
The establishment owner will also gain indirect advantages from the safety device of hand bag clips/hooks products, which will add value to the services offered there. 
It is appropriate for establishments wishing to incorporate the convenience of bag-in for their customers but in an inconspicuous and elegant way, since this is a smaller product than the others and it is designed in such a way that its fastening mechanisms are hidden behind the product. For this reason, the esthetical features of combi-line offer further possibilities for installation on narrow or smaller surfaces.
The safety achieved by bag-in products means greater assurance as regards the user’s bag, since it remains beside the user, placed inside a safeguarding device. 
Resulting from the search for the best solution to each person’s requirements, combi-flex is one of the most adjustable and innovative products. It is specifically designed to be applied to the tubular structures of chairs. In addition to its smaller size, this model includes a fastening system made up of an adjustable clamp which adapts to any cylindrical or square structure.
All hand bag clips/hooks products are easy to install and user-friendly. 
The hand bag clips/hooks open model is capable of adjusting to those surfaces where the remaining hand bag clips/hooks products cannot, due to its completely different design as an open safety hook. Its fastening system is appropriate for walls, bars or vertical planes. In addition, this model incorporates a space for a resin label concealing the fastening screws in a perfectly clean fashion.
The possibility to customize its front part ensures unsurpassable visibility of the brand name and of the product itself.
As the bag is hanging from the safety device, the user does not need to place it on the floor, preventing it from becoming dirty and polluted by pathogenic agents. 
Intended for any kind of surface and keeping the minimalist line, the bag-in round model has been created and designed for round tables. Here we have a safety hook for bags and suitcases which wholly adapts to this kind of lines due to its design. round is the variant of the vision model intended to be applied on curved surfaces. It also has an advertising space where corporate information can be smartly shown.
One of the main advantages of hand bag clips/hooks is the adjustability of all models, both to potential environments and to the wide range of bags, backpacks, handbags, etc.