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Bread Slicer Picomatic Platinium jac $3995 STAND $725

THE FIRST THING TO DO IS CLEARLY IDENTIFY THE BREAD THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CUT The slicing quality that your future JAC machine will give you depends on you making the right choices before purchasing your new slicer… The perfect cut depends on: a good match between the height of the bread and the bread pusher; the quality of the blades compared to the resistance of the bread, crumb and crust; and the power of the motor that will drive the mechanism and ensure a constant throughput of bread throughout the slicing process. Choix trancheuse Determine the average height of your bread. In this way you can choose the right bread pusher height. This will ensure that the bread is correctly pushed towards the blades without excessive deformation. It is best to choose the most versatile pusher possible. Choix trancheuse Assess the resistance of your bread as it passes through the blades... i.e. hard or very hard crust, soft or very sticky crumb, desired slice thickness, etc. This will enable you to choose the type of blade with which the machine is equipped so as to be able to make clean cuts and keep the blades clean. This will also tell you if it is preferable to install a pusher with integrated lubrication. Cutting process and quality are assured by a constant throughput of bread through the blades. It is therefore important to choose the most suitable motor to ensure slicing consistency on a daily basis.