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TURBO-FLOW SYSTEM - This system assures even cooking throughout the entire oven. - Cooked or baked products have less shrinkage, more moisture and taste better. - Creates an air flow pattern that simultaneously heats the inner and outer surfaces of the oven cavity. - Recirculates hot air to maximize efficiency for energy savings. - Fast temperature recovery. - 2-speed 1/2 hp fan motor for high production cooking and delicate baking. - 2-speed oven cool down feature. - Standard depth 70,000 BTU (21 KW), Bakery depth 80,000 BTU (23 KW). ICV-2 shown with optional casters EXTREME DUTY DOOR SYSTEM - Standard and Bakery depth oven sizes available. - Porcelainized oven interior for easy cleaning and provides better browning. - 2 interior oven lights are controlled by a momentary switch outside the oven. - 10 rack positions for maximum versatility. - 5 oven racks included. DUAL OPEN DOORS - One hand opens and closes both doors simultaneously. - 60/40 doors open to 130° for complete interior access. - Large window for viewing product at a glance. EXTREME DUTY DOOR SYSTEM - Extends the life of the door mechanism and eliminates side-to-side shaft movement. - Double bearings on the top and bottom of each door, four bearings per door. - Improved door pressure locking. - Door chassis is fortified to withstand constant opening and closing. - Handle is secured to an internal stainless steel chassis system, not the external door finish.

Convection Oven Single Deck Bakery Depth Royal RCOD1 $3450

STANDARD FEATURES: Bakery Pan Depth, accomodates full size Sheet Pans front to back and side to side. 80,000 BTU oven