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Pizza Pita Brick Oven Italforni tsa 18″ Oven $20750 tsb 24″ Oven $26250 tsc 32″ Oven $32250 electric conveyor


Tunnel Stone Electric Ovens

Have you ever wondered why there isn't a conveyor oven that can produce the results of an authentic Italian Stone Deck Oven? Now there is!! This is the only Conveyor Tunnel oven that cooks directly on stone. Get a deck-type finish with all the ease of a conveyor oven. This oven's simple use and perfect cooking results allows it to be used by non specialized staff too. The Italforni TS SeriesTunnel oven is excellent for cooking a variety of products to perfection, such as pizza, focaccia, Arab bread, tortillas, piadina, bruschetta, crostini, chicken wings, meat, etc... With a temperature reaching as high as 850 degrees F (454 degrees C), your bake time is sure to improve drastically.  In fact, this oven is capable of producing up to 163 @ 12" pizzas per hour! Also features independently controlled top and bottom heat controls for perfect bake. ETL Approved! The Electric Tunnel Stone Oven is available in 3 Stone Belt sizes: Model TSA: 18in Wide Stone Belt, Exterior Dimensions: 16"h x 39"w x 56"d / Interior: 5"h x 20"w x 32"d Model TSB: 24in Wide Stone Belt, Exterior Dimensions: 16"h x 44"w x 81"d / Interior: 5"h x 26"w x 45"d Model TSC: 32in Wide Stone Belt, Exterior Dimensions: 16"h x 52"w x 95"d / Interior: 5"h x 34"w x 59"d These ovens can be double-stacked. Special tunnel oven configurations supplied on