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PIZZA OVEN, DECK‐TYPE, GAS Bakers Pride Model No. FC‐616/Y‐600BL $27995


Bakers Pride Double Stacked 78" x 43" Gas Pizza Deck Oven | 260,000 BTU

The FC-616/Y-600BL Il Forno Classico Pizza Oven double stacked with Y-600 brick lined gas 60" W x 36" D deck with ceramic decks top oven only has brick-lining standard, a 650-Degrees Fahrenheit thermostat, stainless steel exterior, and painted legs. Combining a Bakers Pride FC Il Forno pizza oven with a D, DS, or Y series oven allows you to create ambiance while multiplying cooking capacity for the ultimate exhibition pizza kitchen. These ovens are designed to be built in behind a decorative facade of brick, stone, or tile for a traditional, old-world look. You also have the choice to simply display them in standard stainless steel or finish with black-powder-coated control panels and hardwood door handles for an elegant touch. All models feature two oven chambers with a 10" deck height in the top oven and are available with Cordierite, Lightstone, or brick-lined decks. Also choose from three different deck areas and overall oven widths from 65.25" to 84". This series is constructed with heavy-duty, 0.25" angle iron frame, which is fully welded to allow for stacking. Oven exteriors are all heavy-duty, stainless steel and are fully insulated for cooler outer temperatures and consistent interior temperatures. Options are available to accommodate the configuration of your kitchen, such as side-mounted controls and custom-height legs. Features & Benefits
  • NSF certified
  • CSA listed
  • Heavy-duty steel legs finished with durable Bakertone
  • 120 V igniter with cord and plug
  • Fully insulated throughout
  • Heavy-duty, slide-out flame diverters
  • Combination gas controls with valve, regulator, and pilot safety
  • Independently controlled top and bottom heat dampers
  • Front and side skirts for mounting tile or stone
  • Choose stainless steel or trimmed with black-powder-coated control panels and hardwood door handles
  • 300–650°F temperature range
  • Cordierite deck (top oven); Lightstone fibrament deck (bottom oven)

  • Manufacturer: Bakers Pride
  • Model: FC-616/Y-600BL-LP
  • Connectivity: Gas
  • Gas Type: To Be Determined At Checkout
  • Total BTU: 260,000
  • Dimensions: 74.5"(h) x 78"(w) x 43"(d)
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 3,366 Lbs
  • Warranty Information
    • 2 Years Limited Parts and Labor

PIZZA OVEN DECK‐TYPE GAS Bakers Pride Model No. FC‐816/Y‐800BL $29995

This Bakers Pride FC-816/Y-800BL IL Forno Classico natural gas brick lined double deck oven combines the ambiance of the old world brick oven with the convenience, control, and precision of modern technology. It's perfect for use in display kitchens and for exhibition cooking! The IL Forno Classico features a steel-reinforced, arched open hearth with a visible 20,000 BTU open flame burner. Additionally, another 120,000 BTU gas dual burner provides thermostatically-controlled temperatures with independent top and bottom heat controls for perfectly balanced results. Heavy-duty, slide-out flame diverters provide even heat distribution within the high-heat resistant 16 gauge aluminized steel interior. A fully-insulated, spring-balanced door offers easy access to your prized culinary creations. The Bakers Pride FC-816/Y-800BL IL Forno Classico gas deck oven is designed with a combination gas control valve, pilot safety, and pressure regulator. Rear gas and electrical connections. Dimensions: Overall: 84"W x 51"D Deck Size: 66"W x 44"D Arched Opening: 32"W x 10"H