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Chicken Rotisserie Oven Machine Gas Southwood RG7 35 $2995

Cook and hold delicious rotisserie chicken to keep your customers coming back for more with Southwood® Commercial Rotisseries.Built to last, these units will withstand the rigors of busy commercial kitchens, and perform reliably over time. Southwood commercial kitchen equipment is known for its dependability. Since they operate efficiently and accommodate the volume of poultry you need to cook, Southwood rotisseries are perfect for restaurants, grocery stores, and concession stands. Find the perfect model here on USR Commercial Equipment Company and serve a steady supply of delicious chicken, turkeys, meats, and kebabs. Southwood rotisserie ovens are popular among USR Food Service customers because they cook chicken in half the time – twice as fast compared to traditional rotisseries. Even more, these units maximize the presentation of food as it cooks, enticing customers to your succulent treats. Commercial kitchen equipment from the Southwood brand is available in a wide range of configurations and sizes. This gives you the variety of choice you need to find the perfect unit for your kitchen’s requirements. For occasional promotional events at your supermarket, a compact unit that fits on a deli countertop is ideal. Establishments that offer roasted chicken on their menu regularly will benefit most from a unit that can hold several dozen birds at a time. Both gas and electric options are available. Most of our customers select gas rotisserie ovens, but electric models can be ideal in situations where a gas hookup is not available. Southwood electric chicken rotisserie machines may also be a great choice for kitchens where all other equipment is electric. We also stock rotisserie parts and accessories to keep your oven running smoothly. – Offer freshly roasted poultry and kebabs with high performance chicken BBQ machines made from heavy duty Series 430 stainless steel – Exercise flexibility when cooking poultry with spits that rotate independently in either direction – Collect drippings or hold water for added humidity with an onboard drip drawer – Browse Southwood quality chicken rotisserie ovens to find the perfect unit at USR wholesale restaurant supplier Whether you operate a high volume foodservice outlet or a small restaurant, entice customers with delicious chicken roasting right in front of their eyes. Shop Southwood kitchen equipment at wholesale pricing ONLY at USR Kitchen Equipment Company. All models come with a no-nonsense warranty, and ship out same day from USR warehouses.
For Commercial Use Only