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Pizza Sauce CONVEYORIZED TARGET applicator frozen pizza equipment qtmc5 $32995

Pizza Sauce applicator frozen pizza equipment

Model # QTMC5

USDA compliant, patented sauce applicator, capable of evenly applying sauce to your product while maintaining a sauce free border. Our CONVEYORIZED TARGET sauce applicator is a simple easy to use system. Your pizzas are precisely located under the applicating head by means of our conveyor. When in position, the sauce is automatically applied.
PRODUCT: Rigid and supported products Square, rectangular, and round up to 18” SAUCE: Flowable product with all particulate able to pass through 3/32 in. (2mm) diameter hole screen Larger particulates possible on custom designed patterns PRODUCTION RATE: 16″ @   60 Pizzas Per Minute, 3,600 Per Hour 14″ @   68 Pizzas Per Minute, 4,080 Per Hour 12″ @   80 Pizzas Per Minute, 4,800 Per Hour 10″ @   96 Pizzas Per Minute, 5,760 Per Hour 8″ @ 110 Pizzas Per Minute, 6,600+ Per Hour 6″ @ 110 Pizzas Per Minute, 6,600+ Per Hour PORTION: 0.5 oz. (14g) – 10 oz. (284g) +/- 0.2 oz. (5g) HOPPER: 12 gallon hopper (45.4 liters) (approx.)
0.5 in. (12.7mm) increments Custom patterns also available CONTROLS: 7″ Color Touch Screen DRIVE SYSTEM: Conveyor Utilizes a Precision Electric Drive Motor Washdown Capable CANTILEVERED CONVEYOR: Polyurethane Flat Belt 1 1/2″ Pulley Diameter Removable Conveyor FRAME: Stainless Steel Frame Locking Swivel Casters with No Exposed Threads ELECTRICAL: 220 Volts, 1 phase 5 Amp Circuit 60 Hz. Stainless Steel Control Enclosure. PNEUMATIC: 80 PSIG @ 6 SCFM Clean Dry Air OPTIONS: Hopper Level Pump and Level Control Dual Lanes for Smaller Products Start/Stop Interconnectivity Stainless Steel Conical Hopper VIDEO -


PizzaMatic Grote Pizza Sauce applicator –  Old Fashioned The New easy and quick way

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