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Custom Food Bread Roll Branding Iron Electric 120v – 2.25 Inch Diameter for Buns and rolls and more $899.95

SHL2250DIA-L 1 Stainless Steel Branding Head - Large - 2250DIA-L Engraved Stainless Steel Branding Head for marking Buns, CNC machined & precision engraved 3/32" deep, with 5/8" threaded shank. Beveled 1/2" deep. File Name: TamirsonRestaurants_050919.pdf Image Size: Max to fit blank Blank Size: 2.250" Dia. x .750" Production Speed BIU - Standard 1 Production Speed BIU - Standard Production will be 10 business days. BI-225B 1 Irons - Handheld - Sealed 250 Watt Hexacon Sealed 250 Watt Handheld Branding Iron Choice Rheostat- 400W 1 Temperature Controls - Choice - Max. 400W 120VAC Choice Rheostat Standard Temperature Control Max. 400W 120VAC